Episode 88

Published on:

7th Jun 2022

Good in a Hospital with Marty DeRosa and Sarah Shockey

All I have to do is wind up Marty and Sarah with my death questions, then sit back and ride the wave as they spin podcast gold. They're quick, thoughtful, generous, and silly as they talk about the recent death of a close friend, Marty's memory of first meeting Sarah, a suicide at their old apartment building, and getting so fed up with your own patterns that you make permanent changes for the better. Consider it like an episode of their podcast, except instead of wrestling it's Marty & Sarah Love Talking About Death. Plus, Sarah improvises intro jingles for every segment!

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Content warning: suicide, depression, calliope music, hospital stuff, death, Muppets, hella comas, past lives, codependency, the consciousness of windows, musical improv.

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Music = Future: "Use Me" / James Blackshaw: "The Cloud of Unknowing" / Four Tet: "Two Thousand and Seventeen" / Johnnie Frierson: "Miracles"

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What happens when we die? What if this is the afterlife? Comedian, coma survivor, and former Pitchfork writer Dave Maher ("This American Life") asks artists, entertainers, and activists for definite answers to these unanswerable questions.
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