Episode 40

Published on:

11th May 2021

The Difference Between Heaven and Hell Is Square Footage with Kurt Chiang

One man's cancer is another man's coma. Kurt Chiang (The Neo-Futurists) talks to me about the weird corners of feeling that come with surviving cancer and wanting to control that attention by making theater. He describes a particularly theatrical heaven, and I think we accidentally proved the existence of God dissecting Kurt's experience of eating Peruvian rotisserie chicken.

Check out Kurt's extended episode at patreon.com/davemaher, which includes extra intro talk about his transition from active Neo-Futurist ensemble member to solo performance/video artist, plus his "Funeral Planning" segment.

Follow Kurt on IG: @chiangkurtox

And on Twitter: @chiangkurt

And keep a lookout in June, when Kurt will begin a crowdfunding campaign with support from the 3Arts Foundation for his premiere short film "Chicka-Dee-Dee-Dee!"

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