Episode 12

Published on:

13th Oct 2020

This Is Your Afterlife, Angel Bat Dawid

Angel Bat Dawid ("2019's brightest new jazz star" –The Guardian) is incredible: a clarinetist, composer, leader of multiple bands, spiritual space jazz conduit, and maker of Great Black Music. Hear her OWN St. Peter at the pearly gates and talk about the magical school concert at a zoo that foreshadowed the rest of her life, plus so-so-so-so much more.

Angel's the first artist I've reached outside my immediate circle to talk to on this podcast, and she is as perfect a guest as I knew she'd be.

Listen to her funky, ethereal album The Oracle and MESSAGE FROM THE DAOUI, her new collaborative album with beat maker Oui Ennui. And follow her on Instagram (@angeltheoracle) to keep up with the constant stream of new work she's doing all the time.

References in this episode:

-Angel's "Transition East" single

-Sun Ra, Space Is the Place (movie)

-Elgar's "Enigma Variations"

-"PEACE: A Suite for Skylanding a Mended Petal Odyssey," Angel's composition responding to Yoko Ono's "Sky Landing" sculpture

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