Episode 10

Published on:

29th Sep 2020

This Is Your Afterlife, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn

Kimberly Michelle Vaughn (Second City) goes HAM on me as St. Peter, multiple times, in this episode. She demands to be reincarnated as a Solange BUT NOT ANY KIND OF BIRD OR PLANE. And we bond over missing our toxic pasts spent high and listening to The Weeknd.

Kimberly is wild and so fun throughout our conversation, even when it takes a turn for the vulnerable and dark (heads up, there's a story about an abortion). I'm grateful she went to the places she did. Kimberly contains multitudes, and so does this episode.

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Comedian Dave Maher interviews artists and activists about death, their lives, and the afterlife.
What happens when we die? What if this is the afterlife? Comedian, coma survivor, and former Pitchfork writer Dave Maher ("This American Life") asks artists, entertainers, and activists for definite answers to these unanswerable questions.
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