Episode 93

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19th Jul 2022

What's an Awesome Life? with Sarah Knittel

Sarah Knittel (Edinburgh Fringe, Pig Iron School) is one of my best friends, in part because she is a mischievous, sexy, insecure, sweet, and hilarious clown and solo performer. We met at 2019 Cincy Fringe, and I quickly forced my friendship on her. She breaks the seal on This Is Your Afterlife guests crying on the mic.

Content warning: broken engagement, love of performance, normcore funerals, Tree of Life, emotional bitch, Edinburgh Fringe, being hard on yourself, trapped in pantyhose.

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R.I.P. Jak Knight

He was a brilliant and hilarious comedian who, at 28, already had a deep body of work. If you haven't, check out this 2019 standup set of his at Dynasty Typewriter in L.A.


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Music = Future: "Use Me" / James Blackshaw: "The Cloud of Unknowing" / Johnnie Frierson: "Miracles"

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